Friday, September 14, 2018

Early Stage Learning Mascot Design

We recently began creating learning mascots in Applied Art and Art Foundations. I'll be posting again with more detail about what they are and how we'll be using them, but I wanted to share these before and after drawings by 6th grader Harper S.

These images illustrate the change from a fully detailed drawing, to a more simplified one that captures the spirit of the original. It helps us see the dragon in a new and interesting way. Udros, Lord of the Sea, has transformed into a softer, simpler version, leaving the young artist with an opportunity to render the character more quickly.

Although not all students are starting with an intricately rendered character, Harper's example helps me talk with students about the transformation and evolution of ideas, and how a line drawing is quicker to replicate for our purposes of sketch-noting.

Mr. L

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