Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Case Space - Aiden W. Edition - v.1

My recent purchase of a new pencil case gave me the strange idea to start featuring the cases of students and other teachers. These cases have a personality all their own, and I think they deserve some recognition.

So, I'd like to announce the beginning of the D304 Case Space - A safe place to share your case.

Each segment will feature the pencil case of a student or teacher, and will be accompanied with a short interview about its contents, so you can hear directly from the owner.

My guest this week is Aiden W., an 8th grade cartoonist. I've had the pleasure of working with him for more than one school year here at Brooks.

Aiden's dedication to his art was apparent from day one. He has been developing his skills consistently, and exploring his personal voice as a young artist. If you haven't yet, you need to say hello to Aiden, or at least shyly peek over his shoulder to see what he is drawing. It's inspiring.

Without further ado, here's the first installment of the Case Space.

Let's see that case and hear what he has to say!

Aiden's Pencil Case and Sketchbook.
"Did you choose your pencil case, or did your pencil case choose you?"

Aiden: "I chose it, the form factor is good, letting me put tons of stuff inside, having a smaller compartment is also nice for smaller items beside pencils."

"So, what's in there? Tell me a little bit about what's stored inside."

Aiden: "Right now, I have a bunch of standard ticonderoga pencils, which feel nice, but having to sharpen them is weird after using my mechanical pencil for a while, and I have a pencil sharpener as well, there are also some items I don't usually have inside, like white out, Frixion erasable pens, and sakura pigment pens. (also extra erasers)"

"Do you have a favorite item?"

Aiden: "I really like the twist erase 0.5mm pencil, it feels really precise for sketches, the fact that the eraser can be longer with a twist is super convenient."

"Do you have a pencil/pen recommendation for others?"

Aiden: "I'd recommend erasable frixion pens for people like writers, they feel amazing and the eraser is a nice touch."

"What's missing? Is there anything on your wish list that you'd like to add to your case?"

Aiden: "I've heard good things about Brush pens, and I'd like to pick one up, they look pretty cool."

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