Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Rad Pencils Vol.1 - General's Semi-Hex HB

When we first come into contact with art materials and writing utensils at a very young age, we don't think much of what is handed to us. 

Here's this thing. It makes a mark. I can share my ideas with it.

I'm sure a majority of us remember the Crayola logo very well, and the fact that pencils were for the most part, yellow, and that's all that mattered.

At some point, there's a chance we may stick with drawing or writing, and may seek out materials that resonate with our senses to fully accentuate our vision and ability. The reasons we continue to draw or write are varied, and are worth exploring in future posts, but here, I aim to tap into the part of us that is drawn to new materials for the purpose of exploration and intrigue.

My selection for the very first pencil of the week is one of consistent quality, that I have enjoyed since purchasing my first 12 pack last year. This is the General Pencil Company Semi-Hex HB. 
General's Semi-Hex HB
I have tested four aspects of this pencil.

1. Point Retention
2. Darkness
3. Smudge
4. Erase

I learned of testing these pencil attributes from one of my favorite YouTube channels, Wood & Graphite, in which the host, TJ, reviews and tests a variety of pencils. I have created my own testing sheet using Canva. Feel free to use my template HERE. I print several at a time and bind them into paper pads I can tear off as needed.


The General's Semi-Hex HB does not disappoint. It is made of incense cedar with a hexagonal shape that is "slightly' more rounded than others, hence the name semi-hex. It sports a gold, aluminum ferrule with a black painted band, and I believe a rubber eraser. It's a nice looking pencil, but I have noticed some issues with the quality of the ferrule. The assembly process tends to bend them out of their circular shape, and the black painted band wears off rather easily.

That being said, the Semi-Hex is a solid everyday pencil. Great for writing, sketching, and marking. It sharpens rather well and the the point lasts pretty well under regular circumstances. The smudging is minimal and it erases somewhat neatly with the attached eraser.

The Semi-Hex can be purchased online through Amazon or Pencils.com

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