Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Room D304 Art Highlight

"Pointe Shoe" Photograph by Ella W., grade 8. Students were asked to photograph an object that was a metaphor for their life, or an event in their life.

Pointe shoes represent my life because I am always moving and creating.

Pointe shoes represent my life because they symbolize one of the best moments when I got my first pointe shoes, and I love dancing. They also make me feel many emotions. They make me relive the excitement of getting them, they make me feel the pain because they hurt so bad, the beauty because professionals make it look flawless, strength and power because I think it's really cool that I can dance on my toes, and remind me of perseverance because I'm always pushing myself to be better. 

They represent my life because they make me feel all the emotions and everyone's life isn't all happy or all sad, there is a mix of both. My pointe shoes have character, the blood on the inside of my shoe reminds me of the pain in beauty and the silk tells its story of work and relentless training.

Pointe shoes represent me. Concealing all the rough and painful and showing only the put together perfection. The smooth silk on the outside and my rough stitching on the inside.



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