Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Room D304 Art Highlight

"Book" Photograph by Lannah T., grade 8. Students were asked to photograph an object that was a metaphor for their life, or an event in their life. Read the full description of the object and its importance on our website.

I am a book, I am different from everyone around me. 

Every chapter in a book is different and you never know what will it has to come. I chose this object over all the other ones because I feel it represents me the most and it really defines my life. Every page is a new day and I am the author. This represents me because when someone sits down in the afternoon with a book and some tea they are going to relax and feel happy and clam, 50% of my emotions are clam and peaceful finding joy to what every my book has for me that day. I am unique and so is my book.



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