Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Featured Artist Interview - Eva H.

From time to time, I ask one of my young artists a few questions about their work. This interview with Eva, an 8th grade applied art student, is the fourth in the series. Read on to discover more about what inspires her to create.

Mr. Leban: How long have you been drawing and making art?

EvaI have been drawing and making art since I was three years old.

Eva's Sketchbook

Mr. Leban: What inspires you to draw?

EvaI am inspired most by the things that surround me and hold most impact in my life, such as dance or my summer camp. These things are important to me, so I enjoy drawing them.

Type Illustration - "pond"
Mr. Leban: What are your favorite things to draw?

EvaSome of my favorite things to draw include dancers, nature, animals, people, and faces. I also like drawing designs.

St. Basil's Cathedral
Mr. Leban: What materials do you use to make your drawings?

EvaI usually use watercolor, pencils, or pens to draw. I draw on regular paper, or in my sketchbook.

Characters for an animation
Mr. Leban: What is a goal you have set for yourself as an artist?

EvaAs an artist, I hope to express feelings through my art to communicate certain ideas. I want people to relate to what I draw.

Click the image below to watch Eva's movie.

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