Friday, October 06, 2017

#MyFavoriteThings - Field Notes

Objects shape the way we create. 

Some of my favorite objects in the world are my Field Notes made by Draplin Design Company. Their motto of, “I’m not writing it down to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember it now", is so true for me. I often never look back at my notes like a to-do list. I use them as a creative outlet for my thoughts, the days events, places I've been, and even as a sticker book.

The first book I began writing in is pictured below, and in the graphic up above. This is the Chicago edition, in trademark colors and stars. It is quite worn and bent at this point from countless trips in and out of my back pocket. The inside consists of 48 pages printed with a 3/16" square grid, perfect for planning out ideas, doodling, graphing, and making lists.

Give the slider a shot to see my book inside and out.

As an artist and a parent I can't help but share my interests with my son. This is his book in Red, his favorite color. His book is the Illinois County Fair edition. Like mine, it is 48 pages and printed with a 3/16" grid. It is filled with various stickers, carnival tickets, and scribbles where he pretended to be writing.
For my last birthday my wife, Mrs. Leban:) gifted me a quarterly subscription to Field Notes. They send two packs of the newest edition, and usually throw in a few bonus goodies like pencils, patches, and pins. Needless to say I'll have plenty of new books ready to go in the future. If you're in class, see me writing in one, and are interested in learning more, or making a little scribble, please ask. 

What are some of your favorite things? Comment, blog, photograph, and share with us. 

-Mr. Leban

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