Thursday, October 05, 2017

Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

My district has shifted to using 1:1 chromebooks this year and I'm really enjoying the Google apps for Education connectivity and convenience. In addition to the way information, materials, and assignments are shared, there are some accessibility features that are worth a second look.

If you're stricken with curiosity and like to play, or if you're feeling in the dark and frustrated when one of your students descends upon another's device to flip the screen or shut it down, I've created something that may help.

Click the image below to view my Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts quick reference online. This is a live document that I will update periodically with new items. 

Click me to view on the web

I post this list in Google Classroom for my students, and hang it up around my room. They can choose for themselves what features help them make the most of their learning on the chromebook. In addition, you can empower them to take the power away from those that use these features to frustrate others. If everyone knows the shortcut, it no longer becomes a tool of bother.

-Mr. Leban

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