Friday, December 06, 2013

Architecture Adventure on display in Oak Park

Summer Hill Residence by Mitch S. - Grade 8
For a few years now I have had the amazing opportunity to work closely with Adrienne McMullen from the Oak Park Education Foundation. She has helped to bring their Architecture Adventure program to students in my Applied Art classes.

It all starts when she shows them some of her favorite pieces of architecture. The students are then taught how to use the tools and materials available. After having made a list of the ones they liked the most, the students must narrow their selection down to one structure.

Strabourg Cathedral by Carlee - Grade 8
A handful of professional architects volunteer their time to help the students get started for the first few days of building. They'll analyze the forms, and attempt to find images of their building from several angles using their iPads.
Vitrahaus by Maya - Grade 7
Construction of the buildings takes a long time, but it's really incredible when it all comes together and the templates and flat pieces of cardboard become actual miniature buildings.

I'd like to thank Adrienne McMullen, Lisa Sorensen, Mathew Sepanik from Aria Architects, Marc Rogers, Roya Marohoya, Kathy Moriarty, and Ginger Yarrow for their help, support, and interest in making this program the best it can be.

The students buildings are currently on display at Three Queens Organic Gallery on Harrison Street in Oak Park. A wonderful writeup about the experience can be found HERE on the OPEF website.
Guggenheim Bilbao by Henry - Grade 8

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