Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Architecture Portfolio: Grade 6

Floor Plan Design - Jaden C.

Applied Art students in sixth grade have recently been studying architectural drawings, specifically the floor plan and the elevation. Floor plans are a "bird's eye view" of a building with the roof removed. Elevations are drawings of one side of a building or interior space. All of the elements in an elevation are drawn flat. Perspective is not used.

Floor Plan Design - Annie W.
Students were to design the floor plan of a dream home. We discussed the necessary rooms that should be included in their design, as well as some basic architectural symbols for doors, windows, and lights. Another very important detail is the use of two lines to indicate walls.

Elevation Drawing - Tommy G.
The second drawing in the sixth grade portfolio is an elevation drawing like the one above. The face of the building is drawn very flat, and elements like the material the building is made of, should be apparent. the trick is to not use perspective in the drawing, which can be a struggle for those used to drawing in perspective to show depth.

Elevation Drawing - Jaden C.
Students will be uploading their architectural drawings to their Artsonia gallery this week.

Architectural Floor Plans on Artsonia 
Architectural Elevations on Artsonia


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