Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Featured Artist - Maggie B.

Featured Artist Interview: Maggie B.

From time to time, I ask one of my young artists a few questions about their work. This interview with Maggie, an 8th grade applied art student, is the third in the series. Read on to discover more about what inspires her to create.

Mr. Leban: How long have you been drawing and making art?
Maggie: I've been doodling ever since I can remember. There is still a penned-in princess on the wall of my childhood bedroom. I was always interested in my sister's art as a little kid, which was the source of my inspiration.

Mr. Leban: What inspires you to draw?
Maggie: Like emotions, my inspiration comes and goes. My art is usually a reflection of what I'm feeling, with a mix of seeing something beautiful. I find faces really interesting and beautiful, and they are what I spend the most time drawing.

Mr. Leban: What are your favorite things to draw?

Maggie: My favorite things to draw are faces. Faces are so intricate and detailed and I love how one little thing can completely change how one looks. I love how we all look so similar and yet so different. I especially love spending time on the eyes, because they really are the window to the soul and are the key to completing someone's particular look.

Mr. Leban: What materials do you use to make your drawings?

Maggie: This year I've used Sketchbook pro to draw a lot, which has been really useful. But away from the iPad, I am pretty simple. My drawing pencils and fountain pens are enough to create the art I love.

Mr. Leban: What is a goal you have set for yourself as an artist?

Maggie: I've never really been one for setting specific goals, but I've always wanted recognition for my art. This means I will probably do a lot more art in high school.

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