Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Featured Artist - Griffin B.

Featured Artist Interview: Griffin B.

From time to time, I ask one of my young artists a few questions about their work. This interview with Griffin, a 7th grade applied art student, is the second in the series. Read on to discover more about what inspires him to create.

Mr. Leban: How long have you been drawing and making art?

Griffin: Ha! I’ve been drawing and making art as long as I can remember. I know I started making stories and writing when I was about three.
Mr. Leban: What inspires you to draw?

Griffin: When I’m interested in a certain topic, usually I like to make a spinoff of it, something totally new that would exist in the same universe. I also like when I get a creative assignment, because then I can be really creative and put down a wealth of ideas, but I also have the challenge of specified restrictions.
Mr. Leban: What are your favorite things to draw?

Griffin: My favorite things to draw are whimsical spinoffs of existing ideas. I also just like putting any wacky idea I have onto paper.

Mr. Leban: What materials do you use to make your drawings?

Griffin: Usually, I prefer the classic pen, but I usually use a pencil if I’m doodling in school. I’ve been making books since three, like I said, and those were made with pencil, so I still treat it like a wonderful artistic tool in memoriam of the old days.
Mr. Leban: What is a goal you have set for yourself as an artist?

Griffin: I really, really, really want to get a book published, or an artwork. I get inspired everyday, and I know that there are lots of cool fiction websites out there. So that’s my main goal. My other one is to complete a full-length novel. Not necessarily a super-long one- it’s about quality, not quantity- but it would still be a huge achievement for me.

          Griffin Bassett is a student at GBMS and is in the seventh grade. He enjoys walks on brisk days and the color blue. He also wonders why it is necessary to put a bunch of biography about someone after an interview about a specific topic. I mean, seriously? It’s about drawing, not walks in the park! He has a dog named Boo. Boo is very cute, yes he is.
-Griffin Bassett

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