Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Coping Saw Video

After searching YouTube for the last year and not being able to find a suitable video about using this hand tool, I decided it was time to make my own. That way I could gear it towards my middle level students and curriculum.
The video is presented in three small parts that are as follows:
1. Identify the parts.
2. Replace the blade.
3. How to cut.

I created the entire video using a Flip Camera and the iMovie app on my iPad. The toughest part was transferring the video files to the iPad from the Flip Cam because of the file size. They were too large to send through any email provider, but luckily small enough to upload into my account. From there I was able to download them to the photo library (a feature that dropbox would not let me do). A couple of music edits and some voice overs recorded in my car while waiting for my Grad class to start, and I was done.

I'm also adding this video to an e-book I'm creating on the same topic. For that I am using "Bookbin" for Windows.


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