Monday, May 16, 2011

Who's House?................Mac's House.

One of my 7th graders is currently taking a house he developed in Google Sketchup and is creating a 3-D model with cardboard and plexiglass. Above are a few shots of his "Modern House". I was blown away by the detail. Some highlights are the glass walled pool on the right, and the waterfall on the left. And of course, what dream house is complete without a Porsche in the garage. I assure you it's there, and it's a beautiful electric blue.

Here's a pic of the design layout and a few of the cardboard floors. He used 1/4" graph paper, a straight edge, and an x-acto knife. For the walls we're using .093 acrylic sheet. Mac is finishing fabrication of all the individual pieces and will then start assembly. If there's time this year we'll tackle the hilly landscape it sits upon.


a said...

nicely done! i love the transformation from sketchup to real life.

Anonymous said...

Super impressive. I look forward to you posting his progress!!