Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Animate Me.

Here's Mr. Leban as a Simpsons character. If you upload a picture of yourself, you can do it too! Just CLICK HERE.............. Bring in a print out of your character for extra credit.


Anonymous said...

Kadarius G.
Period 1

Part 1
A successful work of art should be created from the
open mind because everyone doesn't like the same painting over over over again try something new.

Part 2
I think this is not the best artwork because the body movement and the were the colors are.
But the drawing pretty cool but to me the colors are in the wrong place.

Anonymous said...

joshua h
period 1

a successful work of art is one which has detail to it. things that really attract the onlookers. drawings with color and life.

Anonymous said...

Patrick C
Period 1

Part 1 A successful work of art should have lots of color and try to be neat. The reason I think art should have lots of color because I think it makes it stand out more. It also should have texture, color and shape. If it is neat I think more people will be interested in the picture and it will grab there attention.

Part 2 I think the picture is half and half because it has very colorful and good looking. But however I don't think it is very neat. I think the texture is okay. The shape of the artwork is very creative and the color and shape in artwork grab my attention.

Anonymous said...

Deshawn D
period 2

Part one: A successful work of art should. to the artist fulls potintial
and his or her emotions and personality.

Anonymous said...

Henry F.
Period. 4

part.1 A successful piece of art depending on the still would have lots of color and good detail. I like the shapes of the faces and the body.

Part. 2 I think this picture is very good, its interesting and very colorful

Anonymous said...

Marley B.
Period 4

Part 1: A successful work of art should have many components and originality. Art work shouldn't always have color but if it does it should be elaborate with many details.

Part 2: This piece of art work is great because it has many bright and elaborate colors and it sets a gloomy and dreadful mood.

Anonymous said...

Shaparra R
Period 8

#1) A successful work of art should have a creative idea to keep viewers interested. So it should show your creative thinking skills of what you did not what someone else did, it should show something that only you can think of, be unique.

#2) I think its okay because it has a good color desin to it it, but i think his body movment is dull.