Thursday, May 29, 2008

3rd Trimester Extra Credit

Ernie Barnes
"Sugar Shack"

Describe the (1). SUBJECT, (2). FORM, and (3). CONTENT of this artwork by African American artist Ernie Barnes. HINT: Find the definitions of these art terms first. Use full sentences to earn full credit.


Anonymous said...

1.Subject: I think the subject of this painting is about pride.
2.Form: This painting has a very realistic form. It is a painting that you can tell is painted, but it isn't abstract.
3.Content: The content of the painting is a hard one to describe. You can tell that they are dancing, but it is more than dancing.
-Cody G.

Anonymous said...

Subject: I think that the subject is African American pride through the art of music.It is also a celebration of "good times".

Form: I think that the form of this painting is a combination of realistic and 3-D.

Content: The content in this painting is a lot of people who are celebrating and playing instruments.

Period 2

Anonymous said...

1) The SUBJECT in this picture is the club "SUGAR SHACK"

2)The form of this painting is three- dimensional.

3) The content of this painting is people having fun at like a club. And expressing how their feeling through their dancing.

Ashley Jones
Period 2

Anonymous said...

Hannah C.

1. SUBJECT: I think that the subject would be what the main focus of the painting is. And that would be the people. But, to finish the subject you would say what the people are doing, and that would be dancing.

2. FORM: I think that the form of the painting is 3-D, on 2-D. It is what kind of visual effect the painting has, and that is 3-D; only it is on a piece of paper so it is 2-D, with a 3-D effect.

3. CONTENT: I think that the content of the painting is what the 'atmosphere' is in the painting. In the painting all of people are dancing, and just look like what they are doing is coming from their soul. So the 'atmosphere' in the painting would be happy, and just 'free'.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Michelle H.
Period 2

1. Subject: The subject of the painting would be what the main focus is. The subject of this painting would be the dancing people.

2. Form: The form is the visual affect of the painting. This painting is 2-D but i think the artist tried to make the painting look a little bit 3-D by making the people more realistic.

3. Content: The content is what the feeling in the painting is like. The content the artist put in the painting I think was fun and free. I also think the content of the painting is uplifting.

Anonymous said...

Zoƫ M.
Period 2

1. The subject of a painting or picture is one of its literal qualities; what is represented in the picture. In The Sugar Shack by Ernie Barnes the subject represented in it is the scene of a crowd of African Americans dancing and having a good time in a club type place.

2. Form is the visual effect in a painting. It's a 2-D picture but the artist added definition to the people and objects to give it more of a 3-D effect to make it more realistic.

3. You can tell by the painting it is set in an older time seeing by the clothing. The bodies are in slightly contorted shapes which makes me think they are trying to break loose and forget their problems through dance and good times. 1971 was a time not too long after the Civil Rights Movement and the ceiling lamp shining on the dancers shows hope and freedom in the darker room.

Anonymous said...

Jarrett-The context is real people who tell a story of some sort
the subject-the subject is a 1971 picture of urban America in the 20th century-the form is a party seen in a 2 demeninal shape

Anonymous said...

Katherine S.
Period 2

1) Subject simply means something such as an object, person, or scene selected by an artist or photographer that is used to be the focus or graphic representation of the picture, drawing, painting, ect. In this painting, the subject is the dancing people. Ernie Barnes used these people to represent and be the focus of his painting.

2)Form is the organization, placement, or relationship of basic elements. It is also the external appearance of a clearly defined object. So basically, form is the configuration of the artwork. The "Sugar Shack" is a 2-D painting, but the artist wanted it to appear more 3-D. So, that is why he made the people pop out and appear more realistic.

3)Content is the feeling of the artwork. It has to do with the time period, audience, and setting of the painting. This painting seems to be set around the 60's and the Civil Rights Movement, because of how they dressed and are moving.

Anonymous said...

Danielle Spencer
period 7

1a.Yes,i believe what i just seen.
1b.he could make money by telling artist then he could become a artist.

Anonymous said...

Danielle Spencer
period 7

3. I thinking how he do that , thats alot of work.I was very shocked when i seen that.They looked so nice n was 3d.

4.They both look 3d and nice .

Anonymous said...

Claire D.

1. The subject of the painting is quite simple; African Americans dancing and playing music in a shack/club. It represents how many decades ago, African Americans had to find their own way of having fun since they were oppressed, especially in the 60's and 70's.

2. The artist made the picture stay on the paper/canvas/whatever, but still made it grab you. The shading and colors popped out, giving it a 3-D look on a 2-D space.

3. The artist made the people look funky and colorful; to show they didn't care what you thought, they just want to have fun.

Anonymous said...

Julia Yates
Period 8

1. Subject means an object, scene, or incident chosen by an artist for representation. The subject of The Sugar Shack by Ernie Barnes is many African Americans dancing and having a good time in a shack or a barn.

2. Form is the external appearance of a clearly defined area, as distinguished from color to material. The form of The Sugar Shack is that this painting is a 2-D picture but is meant to look like and looks like a 3-D picture.

3. Content is what the artwork is about or the meaning of the artwork. The content in The Sugar Shack shows many things. It seems like these people are dancing to forget their problems and jut have a good time. I also think it shows that these people have been through a lot but still know how to have fun. They seem to be really enjoying themselves and are extremely carefree.

Anonymous said...

Julie M.
Pd 7

1. The subject of the painting seems as though it suppose to represent African American pride and having a good time in the "Sugar Shack"

2. If you look at the picture from afar then it will look very 2-D. But if you look more closely the people seem very real, which makes the painting seem 3-D.

3. The content seems as though i could be just letting go and "throwing" yourself into the music (as you can see some of the people have their eyes closed, which shows they are trying to focus their mind on dancing and the music)

Anonymous said...

Jalissa B-H
Period 1

1.Subject: i think the painting is about a bunch of African Americans having fun in a juke joint.
2.Form:The painting is in realistic form, i could have happened in real life. The painting is very detailed.
3.Content: The people in the painting are dancing and having fun. They're probably celebrating.