Thursday, February 07, 2008

2nd Trimester Extra Credit # 1

Artists use many different materials to create works of art. Clay, paint, and wood are some examples. List some of the art materials you have used, then identify the one you like best and explain why.


Anonymous said...

One thing that people don't usually think of as art is music. People usually think of something visual as soon as they hear the word "art." In that case, I've used a keyboard, a saxophone, some drums, and a guitar as materials for art. In the visual areas of art, I'd really like to use glass as a material. That could make some interesting projects.

Max D
Period Three

Anonymous said...

when doing my art, i use my body and mind and sometimes voice when doing theatre. i don't necessarily enjoy using a brush and paint more than my body and voice because i believe i have more freedom to interpret what i feel in terms of my character i am portraying.

danielle z. period eight.

Anonymous said...

Some art materials i have used were clay ,foil, and wood. The one i liked the best and was clay because its fun and messy and you can also be very creative with it and have no limits to your imagination


Anonymous said...

i like using clay because its messy and u can make almost anything and the feeling in between ur finger is nice

audrey p
period 7

Anonymous said...

Some of the materials i have used are coping saws, a vice, wood, plastic, hammers, screw drivers, clamps, and drill press, those are just a couple of the many tools i use in class. I would have to say my favorite tool is the drill press because it looks so difficult to use but it it so easy all you have to do is put the safety glasses on, press start and lower the wheel.

Jake B
Period Seven

Anonymous said...

some materials i used to make art was the saw for cutting the mazes a pencil for skechting are drawing almost everything. The paint brush for the mazes and for are people and the clamps for the mazes.
The one i liked the most was the the saw because it fun to handle and because of cutting

Anonymous said...

Somethings that i have used in art class are coping saws, claps, nails, scwer drivers,sand paper and clay. THe 1 that i like the best is cly. I like clay the best because u can make almost anything u want out of it. Like a pot or your hand. I also like how messy it is because i like to get durt when i make a project

Jaylen T
period 7

Anonymous said...

Andrew K. Period 3

I use random refuse harvested from trash bins, it allows the artist artist to make productive use of
items people threw away, and give them new meaning.