Wednesday, October 10, 2007

1st Trimester Extra Credit # 1

Tell me about any art-making experience you've had in the past at home or at school. Include a picture if you have one. Don't forget about the posting rules to the right!


Anonymous said...

once i was using this clay, and i was making little foods. it was a lot of fun. after the 'food' dried i painted it and it looked reeally good for back then(i was in like 5th grade)

jessica p.
period 3

Ariel said...

Hmmm. Well, in 6th grade after the boat trip, I wanted to make a water color of the Odyssey because our ship was going just as fast as the Odyssey and we (a few friends) thought the worst (all in good fun!), so that's when I started thinking about it. I was working on a drawing of mine outside, too. I didn't paint it until the next day though.
This sounded more like a run-on story than anything, huh?

Ariel J. (duh)
9th .

Anonymous said...

I must say I really never found myself getting in tune with my artistic side.Only until Mr.Leban's class (honestly) and that was first with my sketchbook drawing list #1.

Rodja F.H
period 5th

Anonymous said...

In 4th grade I was making a bowl out of clay. It took me a long time to make the bowl smooth so I used the tips of my fingers to make it smooth. After the clay was hard I painted a nice design and gave it to my mother on Mother's Day.

Jacob B. Period 7

Anonymous said...

Last year, when I was in 7th grade, I also took applied arts. When I took this class, I made a green and blue wooden version of my initials. It was a great, fun project, and I really enjoyed that project. I still have the initials in my room!

Eli G., Period 2

Also I made a monkey

Anonymous said...

Last year I took a painting class. Because i had never really painted before, the teacher would do a step of the painting and then I would copy her. Eventualy I got the hang of it and could finish the painting by myself. The painting turned out really well and my parents hung it in our living room.

--Mikaela G period 3