Friday, November 09, 2012

Architecture Adventure!!!

Students in Applied Art have been making small models of some famous pieces of modern architecture. Recently, during the week of October 22nd, Adrienne McMullen, a professional architect and member of the Oak Park Education Foundation, introduced students in 4th and 7th periods to 30 of her favorite structures. I have since adapted this presentation to each of the other four sections of applied art. Students then chose one building that inspired them, and began digging in to the materials to create the various shapes and forms they recognized in their structure. 
In addition to the reference images students collected on their art iPads, a handful of architects volunteered their time to give students some insight and direction on their models. Through this assignment, students gained understanding on the complexity of architecture. They were also introduced to a myriad of architects, helping them realize that there are others besides Frank Lloyd Wright. In addition, they saw examples of structures that dared to “go beyond the cube” and create something new and interesting. 
The above photos place the student model next to the original. Check out our Artsonia gallery for in progress photos, as well as finished project photos taken by the students.


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